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Accumulation rates from North Central Greenland from Karlsson et al., 2020 (PDF)

Accumulation rates from 1857-2007 CE (2007 traverse)

Accumulation rates from 1664-2015 CE (2015 traverse)

Radar data from Camp Century from Karlsson et al., 2019.

Map, raw radar data and radar images

Sea-ice maps from Hallé et al., 2018 (PDF)

Digitized Lauge Koch’s Maps of Sea Ice extent off Iceland 1877-1938
Probability of Sea Ice Extent: Between Eastern Greenland and Iceland 1821-1956

Ice thickness in the Dome Fuji region, East Antarctica from Karlsson et al., 2018 (PDF)

Gridded ice thickness (1km and 500m)

Ice-flow velocities using ImGRAFT (website)

Jakobshavn Isstrøm

Petermann Glacier

Kangerdlugssuaq Glacier

Accumulation rates, North Central Greenland from Karlsson et al., 2016 (link)

Accumulation rates 1311-2011 CE